Best Things to do in Brindisi, Italy

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Best things to do in Brindisi, Italy: Located in the Apulia region on the Adriatic coast of Southern Italy, Brindisi is one of Italy’s most underrated destinations. This makes it a perfect choice for travelers in search of an authentic off the beaten path experience in Italy.

Thanks to its coastal location, Brindisi boasts a great port and harbor waiting to be explored. The city also has an array of architectural delights including the splendid Chiesa di Santa Maria del Casale. Beach lovers can enjoy some sunbathing and relaxation on fantastic beaches such as Lido Azurro.

Read on for plenty more amazing things to see and do in Brindisi.


Wander the Port

One of the most enjoyable things you can do around Brindisi is to simply stroll down the palm-lined Corso Garibaldi. Corso Garibaldi links the bustling port to the main train station and makes for an interesting place to explore. From Via del Mare, you can enjoy amazing views across to the commercial shipping docks area.

Further north of the port is the fantastic Marina where you can see quaint fishing and sailing boats. For a taste of the ocean, wander down the seafront promenade, stopping by the food stalls, shops and lively vendors.


Visit Santa Maria del Casale

Built in the 13th century, Santa Maria del Casale is one of the most beautiful religious structures in Brindisi. The paneled exteriors are built in white stone combined with local tuff to produce a variation of colors. The front façade features a pink and white polychrome design with a series of beautiful patterns and an ornate door.

A fine example of Middle Ages architecture, the interior walls of the church showcase some spectacular frescoes. These include a large colored depiction of the Last Judgment, the Annunciation and Madonna with Child.


Visit Museo Archeologico Provinciale Ribezzo

Situated in the Old Town, the Archaeological Museum is a great spot to explore while walking through Brindisi. The museum spans several floors and brims with relics from Puglia’s fascinating past. Archaeology buffs will find their niche here among the array of interesting artefacts and displays.

The collection features a variety of finds that have been excavated from the harbor, port area and the surrounding sea. Visitors can see ornate bronze statues dating back to the Hellenistic period, coins, ceramics, glassware, tombs and weaponry.


Monument to Italian Sailors

One of the city’s iconic landmarks, the Monument to Italian Sailors is situated opposite the harbor in the old town. True to its nickname “The Rudder”, this massive stone structure resembles a ships rudder standing tall against the surrounding landscape.

Built in 1933, the monument is 53m high and visitors can climb to the top for unparalleled vistas of Brindisi. The surrounding park is also a splendid place to take a stroll and the views across the harbor are amazing.


Explore Tempio di San Giovanni al Sepolcro

One of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Southern Italy, Tempio di San Giovanni al Sepolcro is a must. Built in the 11th century, this beautiful ancient temple continues to exude great charm. Spend a couple of minutes outside admiring its finely carved old capitals.

Next, move inside where you can marvel at its fading 14th century frescoes. Visit during spring or summer and admire the garden filled with local crops or wander the lush orchard.


Beaches: Lido Azzuro or Torre Guaceto

During your visit to Brindisi, head down to the beach and soak up the fantastic climate of the Adriatic.

Azzuro Beach offers visitors a fantastic escape from the city where you can enjoy some quality rest and relaxation. The small beach has a variety of amenities including the Guna Beach Club, Arca di Noe Beach Bar and market. The waters at Azzuro Beach are mild and perfect for swimming. Visitors can take advantage of the parasols and sun loungers and enjoy some sunbathing on the gorgeous sand.

A little further afield Torre Guaceto (pictured) is a beautiful marine protected area, with clear water and is less crowded than the beaches in the city.


Visit a Local Market

Brindisi has preserved much of its local culture and way of life which can be best experienced in the markets. The city has a range of markets that are a great place to see how the locals live and trade. One of the most famous markets is located on the corner of Via Pace Brindisina and Via Santa Maria Ausiliatrice.

This fantastic market features a variety of stalls that mainly sell fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables and seafood. The smells, sights and sounds are amazing and the buzz of activity in the market is sure to delight you.


Tips for Visiting Brindisi

  • Line voltage is 220V with European-style two-pin power sockets generally available, although hotels will normally provide guests with necessary adapters.
  • The cheapest way to make international calls is by using the phone booths found near government offices and transport stops.
  • When making purchases at a shop, always take a special tax document, failure to which may result in a fine.
  • When going out for a walk, always carry a copy of any of your identification document and the hotel card.
  • Majority of shopping centers and restaurants accept credit cards so you don’t have to carry around large amounts of cash.
  • Generally, banks offer the best currency exchange rates, but be sure to shop around as these tend to fluctuate considerably.


Where to Stay in Brindisi

Luxury: Penthouse Station Luxury Suites & Apartments offers modern accommodation with luxurious interiors, a private panoramic terrace and a hot tub.The luxury hotel is conveniently located in central Brindisi, just a short walking distance from the city’s historical center.

Midrange: Hotel Boutique Executive Inn offers pleasant rooms with a charming ambience and is ideal for travelers on a midrange budget.Nearby points of interest that you can visit include Area Archeologica di San Pietro degli Schiavoni and Pontificia Basilica Catedrale.

Budget: Dimora Del Corso offers budget private rooms with a nice terrace, shared lounge and free Wi-Fi for guests to use.The hotel also offers a continental or Italian breakfast, as well as a paid airport shuttle service to Brindisi Airport.


How to get to Brindisi

While buses provide a more affordable means of getting to Brindisi, flying is best for travelers who are time strapped. You can get to Brindisi via domestic flight into the Brindisi airport from major cities like Florence, Rome and Naples.

The flight from the city of Florence to Brindisi on Alitalia takes 2h 45m with just one stop via Rome.If you’re already in Rome, you may take the train from Roma Termini to Brindisi which takes about 4h 57m.The cheapest option for getting from Naples to Brindisi is by bus on a journey which will last around 5h.


How to get around Brindisi

Ferrovie del Sud Est provides bus and train services within Brindisi, as well as to other parts of the region. The regional rail network is convenient, and train tickets can be purchased at the station, ticket office or ticket machines. Just be sure to validate your train ticket before boarding, by stamping them in the machines on the station platform.

If you plan to explore the surrounding region beyond Brindisi, your best bet is to use a car hire service.  In order to rent a car in Brindisi you will need to bring your current driving license with photo ID.

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