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Italy is such a beautiful country and has to be one of the most visited destinations in the world. Famous for its ancient ruins, scrumptious food and beautiful language, nearly every person you speak to has Italy on their bucketlist.

While most international tourists often stick to Rome, Venice and Florence there are a ton of places worthy of your attention in Italy. There are the alps, numerous beautiful lakes, colourful coastal towns, inky blue oceans perfect for sailing and stunning countryside views.

Read on to get an overview of Italy and see our best articles, to help you plan your Italy trip.


Currency & Spending in Italy?

Currency: Italy used the Euro as their currency rather than having their own individual Italian currency. This is especially handy if you’re traveling to multiple countries in the one trip.

Spending: Be careful in smaller villages such as the Cinque Terre as not all bank machines will accept your card. Make sure you have atleast enough cash to pay for your hotel or visit the nearest town before arriving. I personally have been burned in Cinque Terre with my MasterCard not being accepted anywhere.

You’ll find food prices in Italy to be moderate, and not as expensive as you’d think, but costs can still be high when eating in touristy restaurants. Hotels on the other hand are quite expensive, especially in Venice – seriously, if visiting Venice try to book as early as possible.


Weather in Italy


How to Get to Italy?

By Train: You can catch a train from various countries in Europe, and this also is more eco-friendly than flying. Have a look on websites such as, or to book tickets.

By Flight: You can find pretty cheap flights from anywhere in Europe or the UK to Italy, and Ryan Air is always a “popular” choice for cheap flights. If flying from North America or Australia you may need to book a bit further in advance and keep an eye out for cheap flights.

By Bus: Use companes such as OMIO and Flixbus to get to Italy by bus. This is probably the least comfortable and slowest option of the three but is great if you’re interested in taking the scenic route.


Transport in Italy

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What Are Italians Like?

Italians are passionate, courteous and generally friendly.

Personal space is less of a focus in Italy so don’t be too put off in you find your new Italian friends standing slightly too close to you. It doesn’t mean the person is hitting on you, its simply a cultural thing.

You’ll find as a whole Italians are more touchy feely with each other – you may see men linking arms and females touching male friends without sexual connotations.


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Accommodation in Italy

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Tips for Italy

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