Best Day Trips from Naples

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There are so many great day trips from Naples that you can take during your stay that you couldn’t possible fit them all in on one trip. In this article we’ve tried to narrow down the most popular Naples day trips to help you choose where to spend your time.

Naples is one of the main cities in Southern Italy and is a popular starting point for trips around the region. The city itself is famous for its food, with pizza lovers visiting from all over the globe. Beyond pizza, the city is well known for its ferry to Capri and base for trips to Mount Versuvius.


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Read on to see the best day trips from Naples.


Best Day Trip to Pompeii

Take a step back in time to the glorious era of the ancient Romans on this small-group guided tour of Pompeii, led by an archaeologist. For 2 hours, you’ll explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site, going around the city preserved by volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius’ eruption of AD 79.

Skip the line and enter the city of Porta Marina Superiore, walk the main streets, wander the Forum and enjoy great views of Mount Vesuvius. Explore structures such as the Basilica, the Thermal Baths, the Bakery, Temples and Great Theater of Pompeii, as you listen to anecdotes from your guide.

Learn about the locals of Pompeii, as well as see plaster casts of those who were in the city at the time of the eruption. Admire artworks, frescoes and mosaics dating back 2,000 years, including the House of Vetti and the Lupanar Brothel with its preserved stone beds and frescoes.

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Visit the Royal Castle of Caserta from Naples

Spend a wonderful day surrounded by opulence on a full-day tour of the Royal Palace of Caserta, which is located to the north of Naples. Take a stroll through the magnificent interiors and rooms in the baroque-style palace and then have a rest at the vast gardens and parks. Architecture lovers will be impressed by the broad sweep of the palace design inside rooms like the Throne Room, as well as the Grand Staircase.

Boasting 1,200 grand rooms, this palace was constructed by Bourbon king Charles III to rival the Palace of Versailles and the Royal Palace in Madrid. Over the years, the Royal Palace of Caserta has been used as a film location to shoot several movies including “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.” Visitors can marvel at the breathtaking water features in the extensive gardens, including the Diana and Actaeon Fountain at the base of the Grand Cascade.

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Cruise to Capri from Naples

From the Bourbon dock of Villa Favorita, depart crossing the Gulf of Naples while taking in views of majestic Mount Vesuvius which dominates the skyline. Begin your island tour by boat from the port of Marina Grande, exploring caves such as the Marvelous grotto and the White and Green Grotto. Marvel at the Natural Arch, the Villa of Curzio Malaparte, the Lighthouse of Punta Carena and the Faraglioni, passing through the renowned Arch of Love.

Your captain is on hand to provide you with all the information you require to get to know more about the beautiful island of Capri. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy five hours exploring the island on foot at their own leisure, before departing back to Ercolano at 4.15pm. You will arrive at the Bourbon dock of Ercolano where there will be a transfer ride waiting to take you back to your starting point.

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Catacombs of San Gennaro Day Trip from Naples

Journey back in time with a fascinating exploration of the Catacombs of San Gennaro where you will learn more about the patron saint of Naples. Discover all that lies below street level as you witness the spectacular frescoes and Byzantine paintings dating back to the 9th and 10th century AD. An English or Italian speaking guide will lead you in exploring the history of the paleo-Christian burial site, while providing interesting anecdotes on the location.

Marvel at the large baptismal font that was commissioned by Bishop Paul II who sought refuge inside the catacombs during the 8th century iconoclastic struggles. See the details of the upper catacomb decorated in the 3rd century Pompeian-style and which features some of the earliest Christian paintings of southern Italy. You will be dazzled by the precious Crypt of the Bishops with its 5th century mosaics, including one depicting St. Quodvultdeus, the Bishop of Carthage.

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Sightseeing and Street Food Tour of Naples

Discover popular street foods in Naples on a guided tour, and admire the maze of narrow alleyways, monuments and art galleries in the historic center. Your guide will lead you down two main streets within the historic center, while offering insights into the stories and legends of this ancient city.

On your delicious journey into the flavors of Neapolitan cuisine, you can sample pizza a portafoglio, the unique pizza fritta, frittata di pasta and arancini. Stop by Piazza del Gesu before you sample taralli and some tasty baba and sfogliatelle, both dishes that originated in the wonderful city of Naples. Your food tour will have you passing by the Santa Chiara Church, the piazza Bellini, as well as the Conservatory of San Pietro a Maiella. Taste fresh cheese at a salumeria, then visit a limoncello factory where you can sip on limoncello shots, before ending your tour with a gelato.

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Visit the Naples Archaeological Museum

Book a day admission ticket and admire one of the world’s finest collections of Greco-Roman artifacts at the Naples Archaeological Museum, along with new displays. Established during the mid-18th century, the building that today houses the museum was once a cavalry barracks and the seat of the University of Naples.

The core of the museum’s extensive collection of Greek and Roman antiquities comes from the Farnese Collection which features the Farnese Marbles and engraved gems. Marvel at the history of coins and the famous Secret Cabinet, a collection of obscene artifacts that illustrate the erotic side of the ancient Romans.

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Ischia Day Trip from Naples

Explore the 8th largest island in Italy, as well as the largest within the Bay of Naples on a 3-hour panoramic bus tour around Ischia. The island of Ischia covers a circumference of only 35 kilometers which makes it easy to completely navigate by bus within a couple of hours. Choose between the morning and afternoon options and drive on a round trip tour of all six municipalities, with stops at the most stunning viewpoints.

At the picturesque fishing village of S. Angelo, visitors can pause to stretch their legs and take a brief walk on the easy pedestrianized areas. Visitors can marvel at the Spiaggia dei Maronti beach with its fumarole and hot spring, where you can see the past dug into the rocks. Thereafter, continue on to Forio, the second largest town in Ischia, and the only town on the island that boasts an entirely preserved historic center.

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Herculaneum Day Trip from Naples

After the 79AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum was buried under ash, although a lot of the town was preserved. Wander the cobblestone streets of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and get a glimpse of life before the devastation.

Admire 2,000 year old artifacts that have maintained their original form. Explore the intact buildings at your own leisure, marvel at well-preserved frescoes and visit the shops, public gymnasium and swimming baths.

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Mount Vesuvius Tour from Naples

Starting from the historic city center of Naples, head for Mount Vesuvius on a tour that enables you to reach the region’s most characteristic locations. After driving through the city for about one hour, you will pass through a national park that offers stunning views of the Bay of Naples. Ascend 1,000 meters in your bus and then walk up the crater to enjoy spectacular vistas and learn more about local geology from your guide.

During this unique tour, your professional alpine guide will provide insights on the numerous transformations of the mountain due to its volcanic nature. They will also explain to you how and why this great force of nature was able to destroy Pompeii and the Herculaneum. You will then have some time to walk around and take pictures before boarding your bus once again for your return trip to Naples.

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